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About us

GBH Private Group has been a trade mark of confidence, reliabilty and partnership for more than a quarter of a century. We provide financial and advisory services to clients from more than 80 countries through our foreign subsidiaries, which serve their daily needs and also provide specialized services related to financing of acquisitions, merges or factoring.

Our services are designed for the most demanding clients who expect individualized and personal financial services.

The principal scope of interest of GBH Private Group are Latin America countries, where our subsidiaries are involved in banking, finances, insurance and construction.

In 2007 we concluded a share subscription of $600 million USD, and this subscription enabled us to finance expansion and development in the sector of consumer loans and credits.

In 2009 two new share subscriptions in the amount of $2 billion USD were approved, which will allow us to expand in Latin America in the sector of consumer retail loans and credits and also in the business of debt trading and factoring.

Assets that are owned by GBH Private Group exceed 3 billions USD, on a year rise of about 15%.